Little boy jumping on PATH trailTrails Are Important to All of Us
PATH trails are used by a larger percentage of the community and require less long-term maintenance than ball fields, tennis courts, and other park facilities. In addition to preserving greenspace and providing alternative modes of transportation, PATH trails also:

Encourage health and well-being
Whether trail users are walking, riding, skating or rollerblading, they are on their way to a healthier lifestyle.

Promote public safety
Thousands of people use PATH trails from dawn to dusk every day. When more people are outside and keeping an eye on their neighborhoods, perpetrators are less likely to commit crimes.

Increase real estate values
Living next to a greenway trail is a distinctive amenity that boosts property values. Trails preserve open space and make nearby homes more attractive.

Spur economic development and neighborhood revitalization
PATH trails are an important catalyst for new residential and business development in the communities they serve.