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A few of my biking buddies contacted me recently regarding the Georgia Department of Transportation’s (GDOT) plans to widen Georgia 400 north of I-285. The initial design does not include provisions for extending the PATH400 trail we are presently building in Buckhead. It is important that we can convince them otherwise. It was 1991 when […]

“Moderate Difficulty” continued…

Part I of this story concluded with a band of fifteen young cyclists and me, on our way from Castelvecchi to Radda in Chianti for an exciting day of cycling and shopping. If you have never cycled through Tuscany it is one of the most incredible adventures you will ever experience. The forty-mile visibility, the […]

“Moderate Difficulty”

I cycled a lot during the summer of 2011. Every week, I cranked out at least fifty miles on the Silver Comet and added a spin class or two to my usual routine so I would be in peak condition for the up-and-coming trip: a cycling tour of Tuscany. I did not want to be […]

Bearly A Trail (part 2)

A big part of me wanted to stay at the tunnel with people rather than heading toward the raspberries, (and anything eating raspberries) but we pointed our bikes south and pushed away. I remember thinking to myself what the TV interview with those folks would sound like after they found parts of me mixed in […]

Bearly A Trail (part 1)

For twenty years, I have dedicated at least one vacation a year to hauling my bike to a far away trail for a new and exciting trail riding experience. I enjoy reminiscing about past trail riding trips almost as much as taking new ones.   I have vivid memories of each and every trip. It will […]

Finally We Are Studied!

After negotiating the myriad of issues from adjoining neighbors and tediously maneuvering through the govern- ment process, I have the privilege of riding my bike down each new trail and seeing the joy we have created on the faces of the people I meet. Every mile we build is worth the effort. I really do […]

The BeltLine Lifestyle by Ed McBrayer

As the Director of PATH, I have spent a fair amount of time over the past seven years working with the BeltLine team and neighborhood leaders to plan and build the Atlanta BeltLine Trail from Piedmont Park though east Atlanta. This project has been challenging and sometimes even frustrating for everyone involved. We all kept […]

Falling Gracefully

Am I the only guy who can remember every fall they have had on a bicycle?  I’ve never been injured to any degree so it’s not the doctor bills or hospital stays that bring my falls into such sharp focus, but I do have a vivid memory of each and every one. Most of my […]

Mount Trashmore

When we were searching for a route for the Silver Comet Trail between Rockmart and Cedartown, Polk County graciously offered to let us cross the northern edge of the Polk County Landfill with the trail.  Without the luxury of an abandoned railroad in this area, we were hard pressed to find the connection we needed. […]

So Much More Than A “Bike Trail”

To many, the phrase ‘bike trail’ conjures up a vision of muscle-thighed men in brightly colored spandex, scattering  women, children, and small animals as they whoosh by in packs of twenty.  I am frequently referred to as the ‘bike trail guy’ when I’m out stumping for money or looking for land for a new trail.  […]