Arabia Mountain, Rockdale County and South River Trails

Arabia Mountain Trail

7,000 Acres of Natural Wonders
The PATH Foundation, in partnership with DeKalb County, Rockdale County, and the Arabia Mountain Heritage Alliance has developed an extraordinary trail system through 7000 acres of greenspace southeast of Atlanta. The Arabia Mountain/South River Trail network meanders through football field sized rock outcroppings, colorful fields of wildflowers, rushing streams, and towering pines as it makes its way from the Mall at Stonecrest into Panola Mountain State Park and beyond. The trail system is already twenty miles long with several additional segments scheduled to open in 2011-2012.
Nature hiking is permitted off the trail, however cyclists and skaters are urged to stay on the trail to protect the rock outcroppings and nature trails from damage. The Arabia Mountain Trail system is not a rail-trail therefore giving all users a slightly different challenge. The trail is handicap accessible at all five trailheads. Fishing at Alexander Lake is allowed by permit.

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