viagra online Trail Etiquette

Trail Etiquette

Trail Rules

  • Violation of trail rules may result in a $1,000 fine and/or 30 days in jail.
  • The trail is open to all non-motorized users. Motorized wheelchairs are permitted.
  • The trail is closed from dusk to dawn.
  • Trail users must stay on trail. No trespassing on private property.
  • Alcoholic beverages, drugs, and unlicensed firearms are not allowed on trail.
  • Vandalism and theft of trail amenities will result in prosecution.
  • Reckless behavior that endangers other trail users is prohibited.
  • No camping along trail except in designated areas.

Trail Etiquette

  • Yield to pedestrians.
    • Pedestrians always have the right-of-way.
  • Keep right and pass on the left.
    • The trail is like a roadway.
  • Announce yourself; for example, “On your left!”
    • Warn trail users as you approach from behind.
  • If you stop, get off the trail.
    • Always allow other trail users to pass on the left.
  • Report crime and maintenance problems to PATH.
    • Watch out for maintenance and security needs while on the trail.
  • Obey all signs and rules.
    • Stop at intersections.
    • Travel at safe speeds.
    • Keep right.
    • Keep the trail clean.
    • Don’t litter.
    • Recycle trash on the trail.
  • Don’t use the trail at night.
    • The trail is CLOSED from dusk to dawn.
  • Keep animals under control.
    • Keep pets on a short leash.
    • Walk pets on the right-hand shoulder.
    • Clean animal waste from the trail.

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