Nancy Creek Trail Adopted

Many miles of PATH trails have been adopted by groups and individuals who wish to help maintain and manicure trail segments to a level higher than our standard maintenance budget allows. Adoptive organizations often plant flowers, mulch beds, clean signs and act as ambassadors for their adopted segment of trail.

Recently, the Ashford Alliance Community Organization decided to adopt the Nancy Creek Trail in north central DeKalb County. Many of the Alliance’s members frequent the trail and observed opportunities to improve the overall trail experience. Chris Martin contacted PATH on behalf of the Alliance to inquire about the adopt-a-trail program.  Needless to say we were thrilled to have a community organization step up and help us in this manner.

Volunteers Jeff Turnage (left), Chris Martin, and Jeff's highly alert trail ranger "Wiggles".

The group has already tackled several projects along the trail. Signs have been cleaned, ADA stickers have been installed, and an inventory has been conducted to identify future projects for the group. Thanks to the Alliance for helping make the Nancy Creek Trail the best it can be.