Sea Island Causeway Trail

PATH crews completed the 1.5 mile long Sea Island Causeway trail on St. Simons Island in June. The trail provides a shady venue for walking and biking from St. Simons to the gate at Sea Island. Previously the only way to safely travel to the island was in a vehicle on the road.

PATH partnered with Sea Island and the St. Simons Land Trust to build the trail. Sea Island provided in-kind services and materials while St. Simons Land Trust helped fund the work completed by the PATH construction crew. A gift from Jim and Sarah Kennedy completed the funding.

PATH is already working with the Land Trust to build additional segments of the Island Trail System on St. Simons Island. The partnership is looking at options for building a trail paralleling Sea Island Road and improving existing trails on the south end of the island.  The same partnership has built almost six miles of new trails on the island during the past few years.

A dedication ceremony for the trail to Sea Island is in the works. Watch the PATH website for details.