They Don’t Maintain Themselves

A majority of trail users have no clue that many of the trails we build are maintained with donations. Most of the trails inside the City of Atlanta and DeKalb County are maintained by crews hired by PATH and paid for with contributions to our annual campaign. We thought we would give you an idea of exactly what goes in to maintaining a network of trails and how you can help us do it.

Our basic maintenance operation consists of a contract with a professional landscape service to mow, trim, and blow off each trail on a bi-weekly basis. This contractor also empties the trash receptacles, repairs minor erosion problems, and trims branches to maintain an adequate clear-zone. The cost of providing this service continues to increase since we are building approximately ten miles of new trails each year. In 2012, we spent over $180,000 just for basic maintenance of trails. This is still a bargain since we maintain over 26 miles of trails year round.

When we organized PATH back in 1991, we anticipated the basic maintenance expenses and established a maintenance endowment for this purpose. We established design specifications with sustainable materials and trail designs that anticipated maintenance functions. Although return on our investments have been less than stellar during the last few years, we have managed to honor our commitment to keep the trails in good repair, primarily as a result of your generous contributions.

What You Can Do to Help Maintain Trails

1. Send us a donation.. If you enjoy the trails we build, help keep them in great condtion by supporting our maintennace effort.

2. Report any deficiency or unsafe condition you see on the trail to [email protected]. We have crews available to address any issues on the trail.

3. Volunteer as a PATH Trail Ranger. Contact Char at [email protected] for details.

4. Agree to adpot a segment of the trail for enhanced maintenance. Char can also provide details for this program.

5. Spread the word that donations from the public maintain the trails. Encourage others to support the cause.

6. Do your part to help keep the trails clean and safe. Pick up trash as you walk. Clip off a low-hanging branch; wipe off a bench or a sign.

Thank you for your support!