PATH is delighted to renew a partnership with the City of Conyers to extend the Olde Town Conyers Trail. The extension will begin at the existing trail near the library on Greene Street and continue north and east through Olde Town, two elementary schools, Rockdale County High School, and into Pine Log Park. Several spur trails to adjacent neighborhoods will encourage walking and biking to the three schools located along the new trail.

This segment of the Olde Town Conyers Trail will be funded in part by the City’s SPLOST fund and your donations to PATH. The Rockdale County Board of Education is considering a request to help with the project as well. Survey work along the corridor will begin shortly after the first of the year, followed by design, engineering, and permitting. Construction could start later in 2014 if there are no issues with funding and permitting.

Presently, the Olde Town Conyers Trail connects the library on Greene Street in downtown Conyers with Wheeler Park, the Rockdale Career Academy, and Johnson Park. PATH and Rockdale County have plans to connect the southern end of the trail to the Monastery of the Holy Spirit and the Arabia Mountain PATH.