TunnelcroppedThe City of Carrollton graciously agreed to allow PATH crews to close a busy highway for thirty days to facilitate construction of a tunnel under the road for the Carrollton GreenBelt.  We closed Newnan Road on June 29th and immediately began excavating for the twelve feet wide by fifty-two feet long concrete tunnel that will soon serve as a safe, separated crossing for the trail.

We greatly appreciate the consideration from the City and the patience of the citizens and businesses along Newnan Road that were inconvenienced during construction. The tunnel would have cost more and taken much longer to build if we had been forced to keep the road open during construction. Keeping the road open would have necessitated building one half of the culvert at a time and costly traffic control. PATH crews reopened the road July 24th, a week ahead of schedule.

Now that the tunnel is built and the road is reopened, our crews are proceeding to build the trail from Old Newnan Road through the tunnel to the Christ Fellowship Church and Canterbury Drive. This phase of the GreenBelt should be completed in early October.

Friends of the GreenBelt have established a goal of completing the entire GreenBelt project by the end of 2016. When this phase opens, eleven miles will be completed leaving five miles to be constructed in 2016.


Erica Studdard, Executive Director of the Friends of the Carrollton GreenBelt, joined Ed McBrayer for a selfie at the tunnel.