Advance to Boardwalk

Clair Muller was the Atlanta City Council representative, George Bush was President, and PATH was working long hours to finish the Silver Comet Trail when plans were completed for the trail along Northside Drive in Buckhead.

After years of delays unrelated to the trail, the PATH project between Bitsy Grant Tennis Center and Peachtree Creek is under construction.

Erection of the protective canopy near the Bitsy Grant Tennis Center entrance began in late February. The canopy is designed to protect trail users from slicing golfers on the 10th T-box nearby. The canopy and boardwalk structure will transition to a concrete PATH trail a few hundred feet north of the Bitsy Grant driveway.

This trail is being built by a partnership between PATH, the City of Atlanta, and the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT). Your donations to PATH paid for the design and engineering. Construction is being funded as part of the reconfiguration of Northside Drive. The trail will later cross Peachtree Creek on the new bridge GDOT is building beginning next year. IMG_1234