Ed ccroppedI recently read where Webster’s was adding a handful of new words to their 2016 dictionary to keep pace with the dialogue spoken in the world in which we live. Words like emoji , meme, photobomb, and twerk are ‘new’ words regularly used this year that didn’t exist a few years ago. Webster’s is obviously absorbed in social media this year, hence this particular list of new words. They continue to overlook one of the most efficient ways to describe the perfect state of mind and body. Websters, please consider adding chillaxing to your book of definitions next year.

Chillaxing is derived from the words chilling and relaxing. It is a bit different than either word, thus the need for a combo word. Chilling is often associated with waiting patiently for someone to arrive or something to occur. It can also refer to the aftermath of agitation as in I was upset before, but now I’m chilling. In my way of thinking, chilling is more closely associated with someone’s state of mind.

Relaxing is the sensation of having each and every muscle in your body at rest. To achieve total relaxation, you must uncross your legs and arms, refrain from grasping anything (even a beer bottle), and let your body completely zone out. More often than not, I have to talk my body into relaxing. Relaxing is a state of body.

Chillaxing can be defined as that state of mind and body where you may be patiently waiting on somone or something, or you were previously agitated and now you’re not, and your body is totally limp! Welcome to chillaxing!

You can find me chillaxing on the patio, after a long bike ride, right before I get my second beer. I’ve been patiently waiting on my second beer and my body just went limp with help from the first beer! Yeah, chillaxing needs to be added to the dictionary next year so I can describe how great it is to live the good life. Let’s go CHILLAX!