Stone Mountain Trail E. Trinity Place and E. Howard

Walking and Biking Near E. Trinity Place and E. Howard Avenue

June 17, 2016

Crossing E. Trinity Place is temporarily restricted near E. Howard Avenue due to sidewalk improvements at the 245 E. Trinity Place “Arlo” construction site.

As many of you know, access across E. Trinity Place from the PATH trail HAS been maintained for nearly all of the construction period at this location. However, access is NOT available right now.

This is temporary. The construction is expected to end by July 4th and access across E. Trinity Place will be restored as soon as possible afterwards.

Pedestrians and cyclists should use the Agnes Scott Tunnel and Church Street as alternatives to the E. Howard Ave/E. Trinity Place intersection.

Be safe as we get closer to the end of construction at this location.
For more information, please contact DEC at 678.553.6570.