Coming Soon! Big Ole Bridge Over I-285


Those trips between Atlanta and Stone Mountain on the Stone Mountain PATH won’t have that dreadful trek across the Church Street road bridge for much longer! Later this month, trail users will be able to glide across the interstate on a new trail bridge, funded by DeKalb County and your donations to PATH.

The bridge itself is scheduled for installation in the wee hours of the morning, while traffic on the interstate and Church Street are controlled by State Patrol. It was shipped in 50 foot sections to be assembled on site. Each section will sit on piles at abutments and intermediate columns. The bridge itself is 275 feet long, weighing 96,000 pounds, and costing approximately $1.3M. The weeks following assembly will be spent pouring the decking and approaches to the bridge.

When the Stone Mountain PATH was built before the Olympics, the decision was made to stop construction short of the interstate, since railroad right-of-way was needed in order to complete the trail across the highway. After years of negotiating with CSX Transportation, an agreement was finally reached in 2016 that enabled construction of the new bridge. Many thanks to the DeKalb County Commissioners, DeKalb County Transportation Director Dave Pelton, and County Attorney O.V. Brantley for helping PATH clear the way for bridge construction.

Improvements to the Stone Mountain Trail that have been completed recently or will be completed later this year include:

• trail installation east of Glendale Road toward the new bridge over the interstate.

• trail installation east of Northern Avenue to Rowland Street.

• The City of Clarkston will reconfigure the Northern/Mell/Church intersection to make it easier for trail users to negotiate.

• The City of Clarkston also plans to improve the South Indian Creek Road and Rowland intersection to give trail users a safer crossing.

• The City of Clarkston is planning streetscape improvements to Rowland Street to make it serve as a trail connection.

• PATH crews will install a new HAWK signal next month where the trail crosses Church Street west of I-285.

Enjoy your summer rides on the Stone Mountain PATH!