More News From South Peachtree Creek

In May, Emory University hired PATH to develop a plan to extend the South Peachtree Creek Trail into the center of the campus (terminating at a proposed bike depot) and along North Decatur Road to Emory Village. The bike depot will be equipped with bike racks, storage lockers, a fix-it station, and other bike-related amenities. The University and PATH are formulating an implementation strategy for the extensions.


The proposed redevelopment of North DeKalb Mall has spurred interest in creating a connection between Medlock Park and the Horse Farm south of Scott Boulevard utilizing the flood plain adjacent to the mall for a portion of the trail. The mall developer, DeKalb County, and the adjacent neighbors are meeting to advance the initiative.
The proposed extension would follow South Peachtree Creek under Scott Boulevard, similar to the recently completed trail under Clairmont Road.