South Peachtree Creek Trail Update


Who would have guessed a decade ago that the South Peachtree Creek Trail would become one of the most commuter friendly trails in the PATH system? When we built the first phase between Mason Mill Tennis Center and Medlock Park, not even the planners and dreamers at PATH seriously thought connecting hundreds of EMORY students and employees to the campus would be achievable.
By the end of the summer, Emory University will be connected to Leafmore, Mason Mill, Emory Parc, Medlock Park, and Clairmont Heights neighborhoods by the South Peachtree Creek Trail! No longer will it be necessary for Emory-bound neighbors to the trail to negotiate busy Clairmont Road, wait in line to park in the Transportation Center parking garage, and catch a shuttle bus to campus. Soon these commuters can access the trail and walk or bike through a natural wonderland, blocks away from traffic and arrive at their destination on campus without ever encountering a car.
The top-down boardwalk construction technique adjacent to Clairmont Place has taken a few weeks longer to build than first anticipated. The rainy spring and summer have slowed construction progress significantly.
PATH crews will complete the boardwalk through the treetops near Clairmont Place early next month. The trail should be open between Mason Mill Tennis Center and the Emory campus by October 1st.
Thanks to all who donated to the PATH 2016 Capital Campaign. We now have a trail serving every major university in Atlanta.