(Atlanta Business Chronicle) Atlanta clears a new path

From the Atlanta Business Chronicle (July 20, 2018):

An idle two-mile section of rail just northwest of Atlanta, soon to be abandoned by transportation giant CSX Corp. (Nasdaq: CSX), might seem inconsequential.

After all, trains haven’t rolled across the segment, aptly named “The Kudzu Line,” for at least two years.

Yet, the forgotten tracks are poised to serve as a new link in one of the country’s most densely populated multi-use trail networks that will potentially connect millions of people across metro Atlanta.

The Kudzu Line will become a piece of the west side of the Atlanta Beltline and help form a nearly 11-mile expansion of the 62-mile Silver Comet Trail, which will extend from its eastern terminus near Smyrna, Ga., south down Atlanta Road, across the Chattahoochee River and eventually into downtown.

There, it will feature a new bike depot at the Georgia Aquarium.

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