(Atlanta Business Chronicle)

From the Atlanta Business Chronicle (August 3, 2018):

Is Atlanta’s love affair with the car over? If recent mixed-use projects in development across the metro area are any indication, autos may soon become optional.

On Atlanta’s west side, the 86-acre Quarry Yards is adjacent to the Bankhead MARTA station, Proctor Creek and the city’s Bellwood Quarry park. The project will have Beltline access from its hotel, 850 apartments, 550,000 square feet of office space, and 75,000 square feet of retail and restaurants, according to its developers.

“What’s driving our development is this new movement toward getting out of cars and the millennials, [Generation] Ys and [Generation] Zs joining the workforce,” said Jimmy Barry, a principal at Urban Creek Partners, which is developing the Yards. “They’d rather live in a smaller space and be close to their favorite restaurant or Mercedes-Benz Stadium. So we’re touting that you don’t need to own a car if you live here.”

While Barry’s group is working on an affordable housing component for Quarry Yards, other live-work-play projects are often lacking in that area, said Shenbaga.

“Now that we’ve had initial success in creating these environments, there’s a high demand, and rents have gone through the roof,” he said. “Especially around the Beltline, we’re seeing existing residents being priced out and young people not able to afford to live there. That’s a very real issue we recognize and continue to work on.”

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