Clayton Delivers


The Clayton County Board of Commissioners has allocated another $1.8 million to extend the Clayton Connects greenway at International Park. The latest phase of the project will complete the loop around the 1996 Olympic volleyball venue and create a grand entrance to the park off of Walt Stephens Road.
The trail extension will begin west of the park, wrap around the new Recreation and Parks Administration building, and end at the existing trail at Walt Stephens Road. The new section will include a bridge over the park entrance, installation of a dry creekbed, and alterations to the earthen berm that hides the park from the road. Extensive landscaping will be added along the trail corridor to complete the beautification of the park.
Future extensions of the International Park trail system will connect the commercial area in downtown Jonesboro to the west and Mt. Zion High School and Performing Arts Center to the north. Congratulations to Clayton County for establishing an aggressive plan to build trails.