The BeltLine Lifestyle by Ed McBrayer

December 4, 2012

As the Director of PATH, I have spent a fair amount of time over the past seven years working with the BeltLine team and neighborhood leaders to plan and build the Atlanta BeltLine Trail from Piedmont Park though east Atlanta. This project has been challenging and sometimes even frustrating for everyone involved. We all kept…

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Falling Gracefully

August 28, 2012

Am I the only guy who can remember every fall they have had on a bicycle?  I’ve never been injured to any degree so it’s not the doctor bills or hospital stays that bring my falls into such sharp focus, but I do have a vivid memory of each and every one. Most of my…

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Mount Trashmore

April 10, 2012

When we were searching for a route for the Silver Comet Trail between Rockmart and Cedartown, Polk County graciously offered to let us cross the northern edge of the Polk County Landfill with the trail.  Without the luxury of an abandoned railroad in this area, we were hard pressed to find the connection we needed.…

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So Much More Than A “Bike Trail”

December 13, 2011

To many, the phrase ‘bike trail’ conjures up a vision of muscle-thighed men in brightly colored spandex, scattering  women, children, and small animals as they whoosh by in packs of twenty.  I am frequently referred to as the ‘bike trail guy’ when I’m out stumping for money or looking for land for a new trail. …

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Fenders and Kickstands

September 6, 2011

Back in the days of bottled Coke, skinny ties, and drive-in movies, my bicycle had a cushy seat, fenders over the wheels and a flip-down kickstand. This fully-equipped tank probably weighed sixty pounds or more, with fat, white-walled tires and a bell I rang to scatter pedestrians and small animals. At some point in time…

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June 21, 2011

Almost every weekend during warmer months, my friends and I pack our cycling gear and head out to a trail for a day of socializing and exercise. Rural sections of the Silver Comet and Arabia Mountain Trails are my favorite places to ride where the smell of honeysuckle is in the air, the creeks are…

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May 3, 2011

My dog has learned to spell. Well, to clarify, my dog now recognizes when I’m spelling one of “her words” rather than saying it. It does me no good now to spell D-I-N-N-E-R to avoid the bouncing and woofing that follows the mere utterance of the word. Saying it or spelling it sends Roxie into…

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April 13, 2011

Every cyclist remembers their first time. For me it was in the parking lot of a busy restaurant on Sunday right after church. The moment is branded into my memory as much as anything else I can remember. It was a spandex nightmare!

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Tandem Virgins

February 11, 2011

A few years back I purchased a sleek, white, 1989 Santana tandem with all the bells and whistles from a gentleman who was leaving town and losing interest in cycling. After the able crew at Bicycle South checked it out and declared it ready to ride, I planned my first adventure in tandem cycling.

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